3 Expert Sales Management Strategies To Shorten Sales Cycles

When you have to scale your team from nothing to multiple members suddenly can be a difficult thing to do for someone with no historical success. However, a good sales management strategy is just what you need to ensure that your new sales team or your upgraded one is a resounding success.

What is a sales management system?

A sales management system is purely a CRM software that helps you keep track of what is happening during every process of your sales cycle. This system enables you to make adjustments whenever needed according to the behavior of your customer according to a critical phase.

Even if you have the best sales CRM in place, you will need to have a clear strategy of how you will use this system to your advantage. Here are a few expert strategies that will help you shorten your sales cycle and in the process also make more sales.

Identify who the decision maker is early on in the sales process

Whomever you approach to make a sale will have to go through a decision maker. So why not cut out the middleman and go right to the key decision maker. Identifying this person may take a little time, but at the end of the day, you will connect to someone who really matters and not waste time building relationships with other employees. You can identify the decision maker by asking questions such as “Who along with you will make the decision to buy?” When you make the first call. Avoid directly asking the person if they are the decision maker as a male might not say no to that question and a more honest reply will come when you let them believe that you think they are also involved in the decision. Getting a truthful answer from your connections is vital in shortening your sales cycle.

Create your questions in such a way that the prospects are lead to believe they have a need and it is something important that they need to address immediately.

Ask a lot of questions and find out what areas the prospect can improve on or something that may not be working the way he wants it to. When your prospect is answering these questions, he experiences the pain that he feels when things go wrong. Pain is what usually motivates, and that’s what you need to happen to ensure that you can make a sale. Make sure you give your prospects enough motivation to believe that they need your product or service and that they need it now. Do not give them the chance to go back and think about it. Designing the right questions is vital when you need to sell something to your prospect, they should feel the need for the product. By making the clients believe that choosing to buy your product or service is their idea you will avoid any negative vibes that come with overselling or the feeling of being forced into something. Establish yourself as a problem solver, and you will be able to make more sales in less time.

Have a detailed plan about how you would read your customer and customize their sales strategy

When you are well versed in reading your customer, you will be able to determine how assertive they are quick. You will also be able to identify the ones that show more emotions as opposed to those that do not show their feelings easily. Every customer is different, and all of them buy differently which means that understanding your customer better will help you identify which path to follow and what sales strategy to use while approaching them. Choose agents who are able to build trust and rapport with your customers quickly. If your customers trust you, they are more likely to buy your service or product.

Bonus: So you expected just three but here’s another essential strategy just to show that we care

Only present your prospects with your products or services once you have understood their need

There is nothing worse than explaining a product that the customer does not need and having them tell you so. When you present your products without first listening to the customers wants and needs you to risk them saying they will have to think about it and that is never really a good thing. When they tell you they have to think about it, chances are they will not, and that is just a way of getting out of the conversation at that moment. You have not been persuasive enough for with the pitch to ensure that they buy the product you are selling. If you do not know what to sell to your customer, then they will not see the need to buy the product from you. This single mistake causes the sales cycle not only to be longer but at the end, the prospect may not even close.

Keeping all these strategies in mind and choosing the best one for your business can help you make your sales cycle shorter, which leads to higher sales, and ultimately results in more profits for your company.

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