Album Review: Kanye West and Kid Cudi score a Batman and Robin partnership on 'Kids See Ghost'

On Kids See Ghost, Kanye West finds the perfect accomplice in Kid Cudi as the talented duo tell identical stories carved into perfection.

Sandwiched between Pusha T‘s Daytona album and his collaborative effort with his protege, Kid Cudi, Kanye West released his album, Ye seven days earlier, which delivered isolated moments of brilliance but overall did not hit the crescendo that its build-up had promised.

So while there was a large section of fans who wondered if the 7 track, 5 albums project solely produced by Ye were going downhill after the heights attained by the first offering, there are others who believe in Kid Cudi’s magic as sonorously expressed on his own debut, Man On The Moon.

Kid Cudi was crucial to one of Ye’s most influential album, 808s and Heartbreak, co-writing and lending vocals on the project including the touching single, Welcome to heartbreak.

That album was to spark a change in the direction of Kanye West’s music ideology which later birthed projects like Yeezus and The Life of Pablo.


On Kids See Ghost, there was a mystery that had preceded the album, as Kanye subtly released the track-list on his Twitter page weeks ago, with the songs arrangement updated thrice since the listening session and its release.

What direction will the two acts be going with this project, were they going to drag the listeners into their recent personal stumbles or was this going to be ego going up against humble?

Feel The Love is a supreme way to kick start the journey, especially as it features King Push who serves a taste of everything he represents with a fiery rap verse on some gun spraying production, the album smoothly progresses into Fire, where Kanye is once again the rapper with feelings; 

”I done proved to myself, back on that rulin’ myself, I got new news to tell, act like you knew you done failed”, sadly the verses are too short.

On 4th Dimension with Louis Prima, the drums are back and Kanye is surfing through (Where was this Kanye on Ye? lawd), this is prime Ye and he rhymes with a swagger on every line, now I am worried for Kid Cudi, can he match the energy on this one? Yes he does, Cudi is spazzing safely in his comfort mode.

Reborn is Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West, two troubled humans who have found solace in the music, outside the opening bars where Kanye West tells it all on how he is handling his personal issues, Cudi tells his story and how he has come to find peace.

The album titled track, Kids See Ghost again reminds you of why hip-hop fans struggle to evolve with the new Kanye, the old one raps just fine.

play Kanye West and Kid Cudi bring their best efforts to bare on ‘Kids See Ghost’ (Highsnobiety)

”Thought I will be clever enough to give up while I’m ahead, I like breakfast in bed, but I love breakfast and head”, Mos Def also blessed us with his voice on this one.

The album wraps up with Cudi Montage as Kid Cudi, Mr Hudson and Kanye West perfectly bring the congregation to their feet with this closing hymn.

As the final seconds of the album fades, there is a yearning for more of this from both individuals, two different artistes who have passed the same message in alternate voices, Kanye is less egoistic while Kid Cudi is more charming.

This was one experiment that thankfully worked and the results has dispelled the notion that Kanye is lost to his mental battles, it is also a good showing for Kid Cudi who doesn’t exactly take a risk with his sound but confidently makes it more impressive as the duo score a pretty solid effort.

Kids See Ghost is not five mics material but it doesn’t fall far off earning full marks, Kanye rediscovers his passion and clarity working with the right artiste who himself is stepping on higher ground with every record.

Rating: 4/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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