Best Games Of The Month: May 2018

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It's time to fit the pool bubbles into the App Store puzzle of the best iOS games of May 2018. This month's collection of great games really drew from indie developers. The highlights include a new twist on pool, a bubble shifting puzzle game, a 3D jigsaw challenge, and much more.

Pocket Run Pool
Pocket Run Pool

Pocket Run Pool

Zach Gage

The developer of Really Bad Chess and Flipflop Solitaire has a new take on pool for you to try.

A single player game of pool that emphasizes an arcade scoring system. Each pocket has a different multiplier, so that you try to aim your shots to maximize your score across multiple game modes.



Kovalov Ivan

A minimalistic puzzle game that tells the story of a person with a cognitive disorder.

Each puzzle starts with an array of scattered pieces that you need to form together to create a visual image and telescopic text. The story develops with each solution, as you try to recollect the main character's past before it's gone.

Tiny Bubbles™

Tiny Bubbles™

Pine Street Codeworks LLC

Even for the most casual gamer, it’s hard to go wrong with Tiny Bubbles. The gameplay is simple and accessible, and the music and visuals are stunning.

Fill, match, and pop delightful bubbles in this charming puzzle game that's great for everyone.



Michal Pawlowski

The maker of PUSH, Zenge and Art Of Gravity has a new methodical puzzle game to try.

A 3D puzzle game with all types of shapes and pieces to put together. There are over 90 levels included of varying set-ups that are like 3D jigsaw puzzles.

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition


Winterveil Studios Oy

A horror based puzzle adventure.

A 2D side scrolling puzzle adventure game with a dark horror setting. Plat as Price, steal the land of an elderly lady, and prepare to puzzle through the consequences of sacrificing your humanity.



Last Chance Media, LLC

A game reminscent of Limbo and Badland, but with much more combat.

Play as a cute furry creature trying to fight back their captured loved one. The game delivers a beautiful silhouette art style that acts as the backdrop to intense conflicts.




An expansive story driven adventure steeped in Norse mythology.

A port of 2001 PSP game that comes in its full form with updated graphics, touch controls, and consistent saving. Get ready for a lengthy Square Enix adventure with deluxe combat that includes combos and special attacks.

Homo Machina

Homo Machina

ARTE Experience

A puzzle adventure that lets you control the inner workings of a stylized human body.

Inspired by the artwork of scientist Fritz Kahn, the puzzle game can help teach almost any age about the internal workings of the human body.


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