Bobrisky: Controversial celebrity looks stunning in new photos

You either love him or hate him but you certainly cannot deny the Bobrisky effect. The controversial celebrity has kept us on our toes with his outrageous antics but now Bob is shocking us in a different way. Bob looks stunning in new photos showing off why he calls himself Nigeria’s No. 1 male barbie.

It’s no secret that Bobrisky loves to play dress up but here he is as you have never seen him before.

All dolled up by MUA, Bobrisky could easily be mistaken for a woman after this makeover.

The popular cross-dresser, who has come under fire in the past for his questionable antics has shown no signs of slowing down or conforming.


If anything, as he gets more famous, he gets more bold and Bobrisky, who was once a laughing stock has turned into a prominent figure on the Nigerian pop culture scene.

Male barbie contemplates going for hip enlargement surgery

Nigerian King of Cross-Dressers, Idris Okuneye alias Bobrisky is taking his drama to a new height after he announced that he is contemplating going for a hip enlargement surgery because his unidentified ‘Bae’ wants him to.

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Bobrisky who is currently having the time of his life in the United State has been dropping hints about his sexual orientation in recent times, and this new move is seen by many as a step up in his drive to crave a strange image for himself.

Bobrisky made the allusion in one of his now famous Snapchat messages when he wrote:

"I have an interview with a doctor in Miami on Saturday. That money needs to double before this year runs up. My bae said I should go check out the price and all."

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He later posted a question to his fans to ask their opinions on hip enlargement surgery:

"Guys, what do you think about hips enlargement?"

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