Explore: Jazz clubs in Lagos and where to find them

Music in Lagos is synonymous with Afrobeat, however, as much as people love Afrobeat and highlife, a vast amount still enjoy Jazz.

There’s something about Jazz, it’s soothing and calm to listen to. There’s a range of sounds that can be heard at a diverse range of venues across Lagos. Find high-quality live music in all genres with a focus on Jazz at these places.

1. Prest Jazz club, Admiralty Way, Lekki

play (Prest Jazz Club)

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Prest Jazz club is your go-to place for anything classical and fine dining. They dominantly play Jazz music, unless hosts or customers want something different.

The club features a boat cruise, buffet and mingling while listening to Jazz with friends and family members.

2. The Soul Lounge, Lekki

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The Soul Lounge is a nice place to hang out on weekends. Located at the Palms Mall in Lekki, it’s a nightclub that regularly plays old school music especially Jazz.

3. Jazzhole, Ikoyi

Jazz clubs in Lagos and where to find them play Jazzhole, haven for music (


Modest Jazzhole is a vintage and traditional shop with African as well as Latin-influenced vinyl and CDs sold inside. The venue is also a rehearsal and live music spot for Jazz and other genres of music, run by Kunle Tejuoso. Tejuoso has created what’s essentially a heritage space for older and upcoming musicians who often jam together in this important musical space.

The Jazzhole has been around for a very long time and remained consistently relevant and true to its course.

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