For Men: Nigerian women list 7 things that impress them most

‘What do women want?’ and ‘how does one impress women?’ are probably questions that only women can ever provide adequate answers to.

And this is because despite the generation after generation of men that have tried to find answers to this, their results have only been a mix of complete failures and partial successes.

So the best way, apparently, would be to ask women about it and that’s what we’ve done in this article.

To impress Nigerian women, here are the things Nigerian women recommend that you should do:

1. Treat me like a princess

“Offering to pick me up when we are heading to an event together… and sending relevant information that’s relevant to something I’m working on shows me you listen to me and you’re prone to wanting to investing in me and my pet projects,” says Kemi Onabanjo in an inquiry by Youtube Vlogger, Eniola Abumere who hosts the talk show “Ask A Brother.”

Funke Alao also holds this opinion and expressed it to the vlogger when asked.

“If a guy consciously asks me about how my work is going and offers to help, it impresses me especially that he remembers specific details of our random conversation about my work,” she says.

Always have those important conversations in your relationship no matter how awkward or not they may be. play Every woman wants to be treated right, like a princess and like a queen. (Getty)

2. Be humane & considerate

“Treating waiters and helps generally] with some dignity,” also counts for Kemi, as it shows that the guy is humane and considerate.

3. Intelligence

Intelligence is also a big deal for women, guys. Being mentally sound and emotionally on point will always is attractive says Orode, another Nigerian woman.

“Mental and emotional intelligence. I could write an epistle on this, but let’s just say if a guy is book smart, street smart and heart smart, I’m smitten.”

Kemi Onabanjo believes this is an important thing, too.

“Being able to have a conversation about any and everything [is a major key],” she adds.

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4. Thoughtfulness

If you are thoughtful and attentive to her when she speaks, you have Orode’s heart.

She says: “Remember little things about me that I can’t even remember telling you. Show that you regularly think about me even when we are not together.”

What your Zodiac sign says today play Phone calls are so important, not even texts will do for some Nigerian women. (Madamenoire)

5. Phonecalls

For her, phone conversations can’t be substituted with texts. If all women were like Orode, phonecalls would be one of the gateways to their heart.

“Phone calls are so important that even texts don’t really count,” she believes.

6. Love for adventure

Being willing to try new things and chart new courses is important as well if you want to attract and impress Nigerian women.

“[Be] willing to try something new. Something that I like that isn’t common. Eg. Maybe running/walking or watching Korean drama,” says Cheta on Instagram.

7. Love God

Of course, you also have to be a God lover to impress and maybe catch a Nigerian babe.

“I’m impressed by a man who has a genuine passion for God; who takes his personal relationship with God very seriously,” Orode says.

To catch the full gist of things to do to impress a Nigerian babe, watch Eniola read the diverse reactions from Nigerian women in the clip below.

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