For Women: Things you should know about sex before dating anyone

Relationships and sex almost go hand in hand. It is pointless to live in denial of the reality that most relationships are sexual in operation as opposed to the ones wherein celibacy is a thing.

Having said that, foreknowledge of sex,  in theory, at least, becomes really important for anyone who intends to get into a relationship. And in our society where parents and other agents of socialisation find it difficult to talk about sex, a problem of sorts is created where people go into relationships having vague ideas of sex and illusions and sometimes unfounded beliefs about how the whole thing goes.

Even some people who have hopped in and out of a number of relationship still have warped, distorted ideas of the act itself and the mechanisms surrounding it.

So here are few things you should have known before dating anyone at all. And even if you have dated people, it is still not too late to learn about these things

1. Sex is not a gift

Sex is not a reward for a man’s good behaviour. It is not a valentine’s day gift. It is also not a present.

It is something you want to do, a mutual feeling between you and your partner. Treat

2. It doesn’t diminish your worth

The number of people you have had sex with is not a determinant of your worth or intelligence and even value.

You should not attach your self worth to that. Any man who tries to make you feel less of a person for having a ravenous sexual appetite or a history of enjoying it isn’t good for you.

3. It’s OK to for women to ask for sex

Women have sexual urges, too, and in a situation where you wish to satisfy that urge and explore your sexuality, it is OK to ask your partner for it. If your partner acts weird about it, it is his fault for being archaic and closeminded, not yours.

Just as men can be in the mood for sex and initiate it with their partners, so is it OK for women to initiate, too. It does not mean you are loose or a prostitute. Not at all.

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