Girl Smarts: The best leggings for every type of workout




Nike Epic Lux Running Tights, $ 95,

What to look for: medium to high compression, moisture-wicking fabric, stretchy.

Any cardio dance class that involves a lot of jumping and bouncing requires a strong dose of compression for muscle support, says Sadie Kurzban, founder and CEO of 305 Fitness. However, depending on your flexibility and the type of movement you’re doing, you might prefer to opt for medium compression to maintain a greater range of motion. "I want to be able to bend, snap, and shake all over the dance floor,” says Kurzban. You’ve got to get your groove on, right?




Onzie High Rise Legging, $ 75,

What to look for: high waist, wide waistband, light to medium compression

Any barre-loving woman knows that the deeper you squat, the more you shake – and the shaking means it’s working. So come prepared to dip it low with a pair of pants that offers enough stretch and a compression level that allows you to move, says Tanya Becker, co-founder and CEO of Physique 57. Another must? Skip the low-rise styles in favor of a higher waist. "It helps you hold your abs in," says Becker.




Under Armour Women’s Heatgear Capri Pant, $ 25 to $ 120,

What to look for: high compression, stay-put waistband, temperature regulation

The last thing you want to think about during a run is, quite frankly, your pants. Look for a pair that feels as comfortable as a second skin, says Jennifer Blackburn, Equinox Bethesda Group Fitness Manager, meaning no pinch-y waistbands, a high, supportive compression, and breathable fabric that responds to changes in temperature to keep you warm or cool as needed.




Alo Yoga Epic High Waist Leggings, $ 128,

What to look for: light compression, wide and flat waistband, stretch

“No one has time to hike up her pants when she’s trying to flow," says Sarah Levey, cofounder of Y-7 Yoga. The waistband should be wide and flat, so that it stays put throughout your class – and doesn’t dig into your lower back during mat-based poses, she says. And leave the fancy, tight fabrics at home. "My favorite pants to wear in hot yoga have fabric that’s designed for people who are sweating heavily, as opposed to regular lycra," she says.




Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Leggings, $ 135,

What to look for: medium compression, stay-put waistband, non-slippery fabric, no metal parts

“In Pilates, We move and stretch our legs in all different directions, as well as spend time upside-down in exercises, so the last thing I want to worry about is my pants falling down," says Jenn Seracuse, director of Pilates at FLEX Studios.

Since you’re spending the entire class pressed against a mat, machine, or other apparatus, you need pants that a) won’t slip and b) won’t snag. "My go-to is a pair with no zippers or metal parts, so that I can safely work out on the equipment," says Alycea Ungaro, owner and founder of Real Pilates. Think medium compression with tons of stretch, and no extras like buttons or zippers.



Lululemon Align II Pant, $ 98,

What to look for: medium compression, ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking fabric

When it comes to cranking out an indoor spin workout, leggings that are super breathable and moisture-wicking is essential, says Emily Turner, a master instructor at SoulCycle. "My absolute fave leggings of the moment are the Align Pants/Crops from lululemon. They are the BEST!" she says.

What’s more: "I am currently 15 weeks pregnant, and I have been LIVING in them. They are made of a soft, stretchy fabric that feels so comfortable (and supportive) on my growing belly."

Plus, Turner says these particular leggings have moisture-wicking capabilities that helps them dry quickly post-class.


The best leggings for every type of workout play

The best leggings for every type of workout

(Women’s Health Mag)


Outdoor Voices SweatTech 3/4 Leggings, $ 85,

What to look for: medium to heavy compression, light, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric

"As a boxing trainer, I pretty much live in workout clothes, and I’m always on the lookout for the best gear that serves me both in studio and in between classes," says Lindsay Cook, an instructor at Shadowbox boxing studio in New York City.

Her essential features: lightweight, barely-there comfy, and ultra-breathable. Lindsay’s fave brand that fits the bill is Outdoor Voices, specifically the brand’s Tech Sweat Leggings.

"You can barely feel them during a boxing session and the tech fabric’s breathability is perfect for a high-intensity workout." Plus they come in a range of colors and sizes!


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