How much more patience should England have with Sterling?

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Jules Rimet still gleaming
Nah screw it, i take it back, Bobby’s got nothing on Gareth.

Guys and Gals of the mailbox, we could only bloody go and do it!!!
TGWolf(arise Sir Gareth of Southgate)THFC

England are in the Semis. A very professional performance and a thoroughly deserved victory because England didn’t sit on their lead and kept pushing for further goals although, once again our finishing was poor and I would nominate Pickford as man of the match.

England need to play this way because that’s how we succeed. Once again, a set piece for the first goal. Has anybody been monitoring who wins all the corners ?

Our beautiful cousins will have to wait another few days to take the piss about our arrogance etc. However, it’s them who build this up to knock us down !

What I say to my fellow Englanders is not to rise to any of this immature bait and be PROUD of our team.

God Bless England and who sail with us xxx
Chris, Croydon

England fans are realising what most Liverpool fans have known for a few years; Henderson is immense.

Maguire and Pickford were ridiculous today.

Is it coming home?
Minty, LFC

Sterling gold
*What impresses me most about this England side is their tactical intelligence. Of course someone occasionally makes the wrong choice, but the team as a whole know the opponents’ weak spots, and know how to operate against them. The corner for the first goal came from a classic 3 v 2 central midfield play, leading to a dangerous cross from wide. And with Sweden playing a high line, they sent balls over the top to Sterling. England may not win the World Cup, but it won’t be for lack of nous.

*As for Sterling, we can all see what’s happening. Southgate wants him there for what he can do, and that’s that. But he’s playing so well up to the final ball, that if he were finishing all those chances, he’d be the best player at the tournament, except Lukaku. He’d be Neymar, except likeable. So he isn’t playing world class football, but that’s OK for now.

*Everyone loves Harry Maguire, and his stock has risen massively this tournament. He was brilliant against Colombia. But he was very not-brilliant against Sweden. A fantastic goal, but badly beaten on Sweden’s two best chances. It’s still the real world.

*England can definitely win the tournament. They’ll play only one top-class side, and they have the temperament, belief, and yes, talent to defeat anybody on their day. Come on England!
Peter G, Pennsylvania, USA

At what point does Sterling’s poor finishing become a problem? If England persist with Kane sitting deeper and playing with his back to goal, rather than running on to through balls, neither Sterling nor Lingard inspire much confidence as reliable finishers.

Sterling really, really should have scored today. For all the excellent work he does off the ball, if he’s to play as one of the two forwards and Kane sits deeper, he needs to finish.

That said, a Lovren-led defence standing between England a World Cup final is a bit mad.
Chris MUFC

First email, don’t hurt me.

I feel sorry for Sterling. He’s clearly very talented and is being unfairly treated by parts of our press. Unfortunately, he’s also being given a free ride by other parts of the press, including F365. He is trying to hard to shut the former up and its going to cost us. Numerous occasions tonight he should have given it out wide, went inside, and lost it. He wants the goal where he should be looking for the assist. The press is partly to blame but Sterling has fallen into their trap.

Either he needs to become more composed or lose his place…

If there is a God…
So….Sterling is definitely going to score the winner in the final isn’t he?
James (he’s better the Götze), Leics

Why the constant defence of Sterling’s lack of end product? It’s not news. He’s always been this way. No other player gets this constant leeway. Imagine Henderson or Dier missing 2 one on ones.

It’s like F365 is a leftist leaning Daily Mail. So why spoil 16 conclusions with your dreary liberal paternalism? You could’ve used that conclusion to celebrate another more deserving player who you know had actually done something meaningful. Or carry on being the William Rees-Mogg of football websites…
David lfc


I love them all. This team has brought us all together. On Tuesday I was out in the street celebrating and alls I could hear was families and friends celebrating in their houses together it was amazing to hear that don’t think I’ve ever heard that during a tournament before.

Today was different, I’ve never felt so relaxed watching England in a tournament and that’s the biggest compliment I can pay to Gareth and the boys. I never had any doubt

Whatever happens on Wednesday or Sunday I’m proud of this team and they are coming home as heroes.

Im sorry if this is weird and  I could go on I wish I could but I’ve had a few drinks.
Cal(it’s only bloody coming home) Wigan


It’s coming home…to N17
As I’m sure there will be plenty of England mails I have instead been thinking about the sheer number of Spurs/ex-Spurs lads who might lift the trophy even if (God forbid), we don’t. So I give you, in a 3-5-2 ala Sir Southgate…

Walker Alderweireld Vertonghen
Trippier Dier Modric Dembele Chadli (Rose still hasn’t hit his stride)
Dele Sir Kane

That lineup makes me purr, can anyone else even put out an XI of current and former players?
Jerome, THFC, Bristol

Poor Sam
Well done England from this part of sunny Wales. I hope you have more success in a tournament semi-final than we did (you’ve already started off well by not having two of your best players suspended!).

However, can we all spare a thought for Sam Allardyce please?

Just imagine him, sitting at home (or more likely in some foreign broadcaster’s studio) with a pint of wine in hand, watching England excel at set pieces. Watching Gareth Southgate getting praise for being a modern, progressive and likeable manager while his team dominate free kicks and corners like peak Allardyce Bolton. He’s probably grumbling to anyone that’ll listen that England would be even better at set pieces if he was still in charge and how Southgate has built everything on those seminal 90 minutes in Trnava…
Neil, Swansea


Support from Scotland
How can anyone get excited over this Second Division World Cup which has surely been the worst ever ? There are only two teams, Belgium and France, approaching any where near world class. The rest are a mishmash of mediocrity and that includes England whose main source of goals have been from penalties or corners. Where are the goals from attractive open play as should be expected from a world class team? Furthermore, they have only played one decent team to whom they lost. The fact that so many results have come from penalty shoot outs demonstrates the overall lack of quality and has likened the competition to a Beat the Goalie game at the local fairground.

So please media and real football fans stop this ridiculous hysteria, let’s give the cup to Belgium or France and look forward to a proper football competition , the Premier League!
Macca Herts

An England fan in crisis

My boss booked a work trip abroad a few weeks ago for this Tuesday.

My boss is a rugby fan.

Our return flight lands @Luton Airport at 6.55pm on Wednesday….

Assuming there’s no delays with the flight, that I can run through to passport control (and I don’t get any “special attention”), that I can get to a taxi quick enough…. does anyone have any suggestions where I can watch the second half?? (Trying to be positive…

Thank you.
Paul the pants designer, Herts.

The last four in the tournament all rested much of their first 11 in the last group game.

That is all
HB Iceland

Joint managers, please
Am I the only one who is drooling at the prospect of Chelsea signing Sarri while Conte refuses to leave? Imagine Conte, stubborn as he is, forcing his way out on the touchline with Sarri and barking instructions at the players who, in turn, give confused looks. With half an hour gone, players and officials have to run to end a spat between them which saw Conte locking his arm around Sarri’s neck and Sarri punching him in the belly trying to get out.

In the unfortunate case of this not coming to fruition, it’d be hilarious to see Sarri being out of a job for burning his bridges too quick.

Please make either happen.
The Giddy One


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