Kyrzayda Rodriguez: This fashion blogger isn't letting stage 4 cancer stop her style

Every single day, we are reminded of the remarkable resilience of some people battling with things we could not even imagine. One such person is fashion and lifestyle blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez who is currently fighting stage 4 cancer but she’s not letting the disease stop her style.

Kyrzayda is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who started her run as far back as 2013. As many fashion and lifestyle bloggers would tell you, Kyrzayda also started her blog as a means to express herself, share her style and help people find their footing in the fashion world. In 2016, she quit her job and decided to be a full-time vlogger and run a boutique too.

She describes herself as a 37- year old full time mother who loves Jesus and is passionate about fashion and fitness. From the minute she started the blog, it was clear that Kyrzayda had a unique flair for style and amassed quite a following taking her fans along on her life journey.

Everything took a turn for the worst in late 2017 when Kyrzayda was hospitalised stating she had fluid in her lungs and stomach. Soon after Kyrzayda was diagnosed and instead of letting the disease defeat her, she remained defiant in the face of diversity and is determined to make sure that her diagnosis does not stop her zeal for life.

Writing on her blog about her diagnosis, Kyrzayda wrote:

Hi Loves!!

Stopping by to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has been super supportive to me in this time of need. As you guys know I was recently diagnosed with cancer :(. But wait let’s rewind to a few weeks ago when I was given a different diagnosis (ENDO) but it wasn’t 100%.  You guys also supported me by sending me messages and keeping me alert to the symptoms of ENDO.

My symptoms had nothing to do with ENDO. I took it upon me to go back into the ER my body didn’t feel right. I was super bloated but it wasn’t normal. I know my  body and something wasn’t right. I was admitted for having fluids in my lungs and stomach the same night I went into the ER. After being in the hospital for 4 days, and getting some more tests done including a biopsy, the sad news came in. YOU HAVE cancer. Shit … F…K your world changes. Your head spins and you just want to cry to your Mom. I’m doing ok now just waiting for the next process which is CHEMO. 

I’m so thankful this platform allows us to connect and support each other. 

After announcing her health situation the young mother informed her followers that she would be going in for chemotherapy.

Whilst her followers didn’t expect her to be posting as regularly, Kyrzayda shocked the world by continuing to post about her style, health and current situation as often as possible.

Cancer you have taken everything from me, my weight, my hair, my ability to function, it#emo#4oCZ##s hard to walk, lately even talk. Cancer you manage to break my heart everyday. For 4 years I work so hard doing what I love, building my brand ..Doing what I love is no longer my option. I miss being the girl on #emo#4oCc##This photo#emo#4oCd## I miss the gym, running my own errands, I miss breathing. I miss my health and being able to laugh without having pain. Not to mention all the side effects from chemo and all the extra needles that go inside my stomach, and lungs every week in order for me to survive. Not to mention seeing my mom cry daily because of YOU .. Cancer! Cancer unfortunately you cannot touch my soul, and the love and support from the ones who love me. Unfortunately with my bold head I still inspire one or two people. Cancer you taught me a lesson in LIFE nothing is more than having Christ in your heart, and your health. As you guys can see even success or money can#emo#4oCZ##t buy you peace & happiness.The perfect life everyone portraits on social media is just that #emo#4oCc##social media#emo#4oCd## Were people only post the good. I#emo#4oCZ##m not going to lie I#emo#4oCZ##m tired, so tired. My life is no longer the same but I#emo#4oCZ##m going to hold on to God. Thank you all for the good vibes, prayers, messages and visits! To everyone fighting Cancer I understand your pain (P.S guys pls don#emo#4oCZ##t feel sorry for me this is my fight, and I#emo#4oCZ##m glad to share my journey with all of you each day)

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Fans have followed Kyrzayda’s tumultuous journey and watched her not only lose her hair but also lose a significant amount of weight as her harrowing treatment takes its toll.

Despite it all, Kyrzayda remains effortlessly stylish and optimistic, her positivity and her passion for life is incredibly inspiring and we take a look at the woman who is not letting her diagnosis dim her shine.


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