Label Lust: Bearded Genius is the new frontier for streetwear in Nigeria

Since it launched, Bearded Genius has informed much of the narrative of Nigeria’s streetwear landscape within the fashion industry as a whole. In three years, the brand has created diverse collections which have appealed to the Nigerian millennial, the fashionable global citizens who want to a be a part of the movement. Bearded Genius is truly the new frontier for streetwear in Nigeria.

According to their website, ‘Bearded Genius Limited is an indigenous apparel company focused on contemporary apparel and Men’s’ Grooming Products. All our products are proudly made in Nigeria.’

What are the origins of streetwear?

Streetwear is a style of casual clothing originating from California with roots in Japanese culture. It is typically worn by youths in urban areas and co-opted by a variety of subcultures who each put their respective spin on it . In truth, streetwear means many things to many people and the term takes on a new facet as brands reinterpret is every fashion season.

Today, streetwear is a huge part skate and surf culture, sportswear, high fashion and the mass market retail industry. Recently, luxury fashion brands have started to embrace the streetwear culture.

Thanks to the likes of Fear of God LA, Hood By Air, Gucci, Supreme and of course, Off-White, the line between catwalks and sidewalks have become inextricably linked.

Streetwear in Nigeria

In a country like Nigeria that is so heavily influenced by pop culture, streetwear has grown legs with young Nigerian designers creating lines which reflect our own diverse culture. In Nigeria, we have exciting brands like WAFFLESNCREAM and Vivendii who have managed to capture the essence of the youth in Nigeria right now, even spurring on a scene of it’s own; alte.


Conversely, with the market becoming saturated and with many brands. choosing to put a logo on a cotton t-shirt and call it ‘streetwear’, it’s even more important that innovative brands like Bearded Genius and co. exist in our creative space to push the boundaries of design, collaboration and style.

Not just dealing in apparel, Bearded Genius also has a range of grooming products including washes, balms and oils for the bearded gentleman.


The inclusion of grooming products adds a valuable layer to the Bearded Genius empire. The brands ability to understand the needs of it’s followers and change and adapt to supply that demand is what will ensure it sticks around for many more years to come and becomes and integral part of the fashion and lifestyle industry in Nigeria.

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