Model Citizen: Femi Gbajabiamila's daughter, Zaina, featured on the cover of Dazed magazine

It’s only right that the daughter of the oh so stylish Femi and Sal Gbajabiamila would follow in her parents footsteps. Zaina, a model signed to Next models in London, has now been featured front and center on the cover of Dazed magazine’s Summer issue celebrating the characters making Britain great and the fashion anarchist herself, Vivienne Westwood.

Femi Gbajabiamila, hit the headlines last month when he gave his wife, Sal, assurance in the form of a N70m G Wagon. The ostentatious present ruffled a few feathers but Femi, House of Reps member for the Surulere constituency assured people that he had worked very hard and saved up to bless his wife who has stood by him for 30 years.

Now, their daughter, popularly known as Zaina Muiccia, has stolen the spotlight with a prominent feature on the cover of Dazed magazine. The young creative was described in her Vogue February ‘Vogue darling’ feature as a ’24-year-old creative consultant Zaina Miuccia who lives in Ladbroke Grove by way of Lagos and Paris, and credits her Doom Generation-meets-Marie Antoinette look to her mum.’

Zaina featured in the February issue of Vogue play

Zaina featured in the February issue of Vogue


Of course Zaina, a self-confessed fan of the iconic British designer Vivienne Westwood, would be picked to be on a cover celebrating her decades in the fashion industry.

With her quirky personal style, undoubtedly heavily influenced by her sartorially blessed mother, Sal, Zaina has made quite an impact on international fashion scenes. Her unique aesthetic has caught the attention of publication such as British Vogue with Editor, Edward Enninful being a big fan of the young artiste.

YOUTH IS REVOLTING! For our summer 2018 issue, we bring together the characters making Britain truly great in 2018. Tap the link in bio to read the feature. Photography @hannamoon69 Styling @agata_belcen Hair @kiyokoodo Make-up @namiyyy Text @clairemahealy Casting @reed_danny and @danielleemerson Front row: #AndreasKronthaler, @ilhaaan__, @rhirhiburnett, @saffiyah__khan; Second row: @emmabreschi, @babbym, @viviennewestwood, @goblinmilk, @glacier996girl @Zenobia_crimson; Third row: #TashaB from @officialj4g, @harrie.bradshaw, @greenteapeng, @beigetype, @Hollytblakey; Fourth row: @slidfromthefabricflaps, @junyawannabe, @chenshengtao, @_asbestos, @larrydavid420, @fayeweiwei, @Joshua_gordon, @Jessmaybury; Fifth row: @wilson_oryema, @Ryanskelt, @mvudslyde, @getyourknitsout from @sister.supporter, @jaanakristiina Taken from the summer 2018 issue of #Dazed

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The Dazed Summer issue features Vivenne Westwood alongside a group of young activists who are working in their respective ways to change the political and social landscape of Britain as well as models who Vivienne and her husband Andreas Kronthaler have worked with in the past.

Zaina wearing Vivienne Westwood in Dazed magazine's Summer issue play

Zaina wearing Vivienne Westwood in Dazed magazine’s Summer issue


Speaking on activism, which has been a consistent theme throughout her career, Westwood said:

I think all activists are motivated by the same thing. It’s just who you are. The human race, they really do care about other people suffering, don’t they? We help each other. Different people obviously feel responsible to different degrees. But I have always felt that, if nobody else is doing it, I’ve got to do it.

It seems we need to keep an eye out for Zaina who has her feet firmly planted in the fashion circles and seems to be gathering momentum for a stellar career of her own.

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