Nigerian Dishes: How to make Abacha from Cassava

Abacha is a white and crunchy snack made from dried out cassava.

It is also the main ingredient in African Salad. It can be eaten with coconuts, roasted groundnuts and cashewnuts.

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Cassava tubers


What you need:

1. Cassava grater/shredder for grating the cassava tubers into abacha.

2. Big flat baskets for drying under the sun. Or spread them on top of papers.

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1. Peel and cut your Cassava into slim pieces.

2. Cook till soft then slice with a casava grater or shredder.

3. Soak the flakes in cold water overnight.

4. Wash thoroughly till the water becomes clear.

5. Sieve and dry under the sun for three days.

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