Nigerian photographers you should know

Art is everywhere you look in Nigeria from beautiful street art to amazing art galleries and ornate hand-crafted goods. Photography is another art form that Nigerians do well too.

Below is a list of some photographers from the country, it contains photo artists and photojournalist works as well.

1. George Osodi

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George Osodi is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist. Osodi has spent six years capturing the environmental degradation caused by multi-national oil firms. The photographer in his book Niger Delta – Rape of Paradise, offers a vision with human forms against a backdrop of rising flames and thick clouds of smoke, creating a powerful sense of urgency. Osodi has turned his focus to the urgency of documenting and archiving traditional Nigerian culture.

2. Aisha Augie-Kuta

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Augie-Kuta’s experience as a mixed-race woman is a source of inspiration, enabling the photo artist to explore gender and identity in various ways. In 2011, Aisha Augie-Kuta won the Future Award for Creative Artist of the Year for her Faces of Africa portrait series, a collection of portraits of female faces elaborately painted to re-enact the vibrant patterns of the Surma Tribe of Ethiopia.

3. Adeola Olagunju


Adeola Olagunju is a photographer who lives and works in Lagos. Her images speak volumes as most of them stage the photographer’s attempt to break free from ‘mental shackles.’ Her work has been exhibited at Lagos Photo and she has also won the Young Artfund Amsterdam Award for 2013.

4. Andrew Esiebo

Andrew Esiebo captures everyday life exploring how personal narratives interact with wider social issues. The visual artist uses themes like sexuality, gender politics and migration. One of his projects, Pride, explores scenes in barbershops across West Africa, offering a glimpse of the animated spots where men of different social classes sit side by side to cut their hair. Esiebo’s work has been exhibited at Lagos Photo Festival, African Photography Encounters in Mali, and the Havana and Sao Paolo biennales.

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