Opinion Poll: When should partners start PDA on social media?

Whether partners should be taking their romance to social media is no longer a question, at least not here. When is the best time to do so is the concern at hand.

Social media has gotten to the centre of modern existence so much that people are sharing every aspect of their lives, documenting moments that are precious to them, and just communicating with other people things that make them happy.

Is it wise to regularly show off one's boo on social media? play Social media PDA is beautiful though. No doubt. (Pinterest)

Obviously, relationships and romantic moments fit this category and so it is no surprise how many love stories are on social media.

There is a cute romantic photo showing a happy couple every other day. There is a post by a wife celebrating her husband, there is a boyfriend on your timeline gushing about his girlfriend.

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Sometimes, it even gets too much with people not knowing the limit of what to share and what not to but that’s a subject for another article.

In an ideal relationship where both partners are cool with public display of affection, at what point does it become acceptable to take it to social media?

Dating and relationships. The same thing or different? play PDA: right after the relationship begins or after the passage of a little more time? (Luxe Kurves)

Right after the relationship begins or after the passage of a little more time? Should partners wait for the assurance of an accepted proposal, or should everything be kept on hold till they are sure that they are married for good?

Please vote in the poll below to let us know what you think.

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