Pulse Weddings: Man pranks girlfriend with lost engagement ring; gets slapped

A Nigerian man has become something of a viral sensation after getting slapped for an proposal trick he pulled on his girlfriend in Benin, Edo State.

A video circulating on social media at the time of this story, June 12 2018, shows the boyfriend get down on a bent knee with what looks like an obvious intent to propose to his girlfriend. There’s a guitarist on standby, ready to set the tone for the romantic scene about to unfold. At this point, onlookers have already gathered, looking on.

Understandably, the girlfriend gets a look of pleasant surprise on her face and holds out her hand for the ring.


The boyfriend however gets a sudden look of confusion on his face as he begins to tap his pockets and look around in agitation for something – the engagement ring!

It turns out that there’d be no proposal as the boyfriend could produce no ring because it was… a stunt.

The girlfriend slaps him in annoyance, picks up her bag and walks away, embarrassed at being played like that.

Reactions to the well-shared clip have partly been outrage over the girlfriend’s decision to slap the man before storming away from the scene of the proposal.

Do you think she overreacted? Take our poll below to make your opinion known.

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