Relationship Tips: 5 ways to remain crazily, mindlessly in love with your boo forever

Love relationships and romance in this modern may have become more traumatic than rewarding, but this does not mean that there aren’t exceptions. There’s still love that lasts forever, and this is the reality of some couples.

For people whose relationships keep moving from one beautiful phase to another, scaling heights of happiness and other good relationship thing, here are five things they do differently:

1. Respect each other

Respect is the base of every relationship. So you should respect your partner if you ever want to be respected by him or her. Always treat the other how you want to be treated.

It is so, so important to realise this.

Always have those important conversations in your relationship no matter how awkward or not they may be. play

Always have those important conversations in your relationship no matter how awkward or not they may be.



2. Encourage one another

Ups and downs are the part of life but the true partner is one who stays with you in all situations. You should encourage each other in difficult situations of life.

Let each other know you’ve got one another’s back, no matter what.

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3. Respect space

Everyone needs space to be themselves, even in a happy, committed relationship or marriage.

Expecting to be bound to your partner’s hips all day, every day is unwise. You’ll not get it.

Having such expectations will only breed disappointment.

Awkward conversations to have before you marry anyone play

Ask about money’s operation in the marriage and who will be responsible for what.



4. Don’t ever underrate communication

One thing people with amazing relationships know is that communication is too key to be toyed with. It is the major tool for unlocking newer levels of understanding which in turn leads to happier relationships.

Even when you are angry and pissed off and feeling like shutting your partner off, don’t do it.

It’s OK to be angry, but not to the point of shutting communication down completely. Happiness diminishes with the reduction of communication.

5. Don’t hammer on shortcomings

The aim of a relationship is to make the other person feel better and vice versa. Focusing unduly is not the way to achieve that.

Yes, your partner will have imperfections and shortcomings, but you know that already, and entering into a relationship with them logically presupposes a willingness to be with them regardless.

So, to retain the spark of that relationship and to stay happy in that marriage, do not let those imperfections be your focus. Be willing, instead to help them grow past those defects.

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