Sallah: 5 things to do with family this holiday

Sallah is usually celebrated for three days and is declared as a national holiday in most countries, especially Nigeria.

Just like Christians do during Easter or Christmas, Muslims celebrate Sallah in style with loved ones. Some even go out with family for a proper celebration.

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Below are five things you can get up to this Sallah break with family members in Lagos.

1. Go climb the highest canopy walk at Lekki Conservation Centre

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The canopy walkway at LCC

(Lonely planet)


Trees produce most of the world’s oxygen, the Lekki Conservation Centre is a precious place, and by supporting sustainable tourism in the area, you can do your bit to ensure its survival for future generations.

And aside from all that, go on a canopy walk to enjoy a bird eyes view of the forest and see the wildlife.

2. Go to the beach

Takwa Bay Beach play

Takwa Bay Beach



Any beach in Lagos would do! But you can visit a sustainable beach to help mother nature while also having an amazing time. Join others in cleaning the beach while also giving back to the environment. The children would totally love this.

3. Go on a family picnic at one of the parks

Let the party begin play

Let the party begin


Ditch the boring family gatherings at home and take your loved ones to the park for an enjoyable picnic.

4. Go kayaking

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Looking for something alternative to do? Go Kayaking in Ikoyi for little or nothing. Good news is children can kayak under adult supervision too.

So, drag those aunties and uncles and hit the water with a kayak! This is an excellent choice for a rare public holiday.

This low impact activity can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and skills.

5. Make the best of staying at home

Have a family cook out while watching the 2018 world cup from the confines of your home with loved ones around you.

What better way to celebrate the holiday?

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