What is sales management?

Sales management is the process of coordinating people and resources to produce your company’s goal effectively. Increased sales volume, contribution to profits and continuous growth are some of the main objectives of a company. Sales management can either make or break your company. A sales manager has a wide variety of responsibilities that include, the establishment of objectives, creating budgets, organization, recruitment, training, compensation and sales performance evaluation. A sales manager needs to be able to fill the role of managing his sales team efficiently. As a sales manager, he/she has the power to inspire their team and amplify top performance. Most of the world’s most successful sales organizations have recruited top sales leaders. An efficient sales manager organizes and drives their sales team towards achieving their goals, which consists of increased revenue and productivity.

9 Killer sales management tips from experts.

  1. Inspire your sales representatives.

Ralph Barsi, one of the most inspiring sales leaders, who inspires the reps on his team by showing them an inspiring career path. Leading by example is also another way to inspire people. Presenting as a guest speaker on a webinar can create a sense of pride for the company. Fostering an environment where people can be celebrated and cheered on instead of just tolerated will be very beneficial. Team meetings, outings, food and beverages, laughter are key examples of creating a healthy work environment.

  1. “Identify what you are and what you need.”

The first step is building a sales team. Identifying which category your potential colleagues fall into. You can categorize them into builders or growers. Builders grow in the work environment from scratch while growers will grow once everything is set in place. Have a good idea of where you are in terms of your company’s growth and what type of salesperson you need.

A tip for management of sales from, Aaron Ross, the author of “Predictable Revenue”, and a former sales guru at

  1. Invest in Management Training.

Jonathan Farrington, CEO of TopSales, points out that most sales managers are appointed as a result of their top performance as a sales rep. He further elaborates and points out that being a top performing sales rep also requires a set of skills that goes beyond reaching a sales quota. According to him, more than 90% of sales managers have never had a formal sales management training and being responsible for the future and success of the whole team of people is only attainable after proper training.

  1. Coaching reps to follow a sales process

According to S.Anthony Iannarino, international speaker, author and sales leader, says that sales managers are only as good as their sales process. Some sales reps skip stages of the sales process and when they do this they do not create any value for your prospective customers. The manager needs to sell the sales process to his sales rep and coach them through the process for better results.

  1. “Incentivize your team”

Arjun Dev Arora, chairman and founder of ReTargeter, suggests that by investing in a few dashboards around the office that displays a live feed of deals closed and current monthly dollar value, or deals closed for each person creates transparency across the organization and team and increases a sense of urgency and motivation.

  1. “There is no one-size-fits-all solution”

According to Navid Zolfaghari, director of Partner Growth at Branch metrics points out that there are lots of different personalities working for in the same organization. The role of a manager is that of a mentor and enabler. You should make it easy for your sales rep to focus on the job at hand and be more successful. Different people need to be managed differently to develop better sales personnel overall.

  1. You cannot manage from a spreadsheet.

Managers will not be able to identify if sales reps are hitting their targets, without really observing and listening to the recordings of sales calls. Keith Rosen points out that a manager cannot manage from a spreadsheet. Data only tells you what is going on and does not give you an insight into the quality of their activity or how effective and skilled they really are at performing a certain function or task.

  1. Sales Managers are the key to a humming sales business.

Jim Keenan, President and CEO of A Sales Guy Consulting and Recruiting, believes that sales managers are one of the most undervalued members in a sales organization. According to him, “Sales managers are the key to a humming sales organization.” They spend more time with the sales rep, perform the coaching sessions, lead the pipeline and review meetings. They create personal development plans. They influence the deal strategies. The value of a sales manager and why a company should take the time and invest in effective resources and in hiring excellent sales managers.

  1. “Be results driven”

According to David Baga, SVP of Revenue & Operations for Rocket Lawyer, companies should hire people with drive and determination. Create an environment that is very transparent and oriented on key sales metrics. You need to make sure that there is an emphasis on outcomes to prevent people from confusing activity with productivity.

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