Where To Go: Beautiful lakes to visit in Nigeria

Nigeria houses a fascinating body of lakes that are as diverse as they are beautiful, from man-made lakes to crater lakes fringed by leafy forests.

The country boasts some of the oldest lakes in the world as well as an amazing ecological diversity and natural attractions.

Below are some lakes you need to see in Nigeria.

1. Kainji Lake


This stunning body of water called Kanji lake is a man-made lake in the town of Old Bussa. Lake Kainji is 136 km long, and open to the public for a private tour, however, visitors are not allowed to fish on the Lake Kainji.

Often adorned with flocks of birds and flamingos, the serene alkaline water is complemented by wetlands, grassland and acacia forests.

The Lake Kainji National Park also boasts numerous animals which include the big five. Other animals include antelopes, roan antelopes, jackals, baboons, hartebeest, monkeys and crocodiles. This park is open from December until June.

2. Lake Chad

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Lake Chad is a historically large, shallow, fresh water lake. Unfortunately, the lake has shrunk by as much as 95% from about 1963 to 1998. Located on the edge of the Sahara, it is the largest lake in the Chad Basin. It is the 6th largest lake in the world.

3. Oguta Lake

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Oguta Lake is a lean finger lake formed by deposits of clay, sand, and silt that dammed the lower Njaba river. At 8.05km long and 2.41 km wide, it is the largest natural lake in Imo, and the entire South-East of Nigeria.

Water flows into it mainly from the Njaba river and to a lesser degree, the Uju, Awbana and Urashi rivers. It is two of these rivers that flow side-by-side, parallel to each other, without ever coming together.

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