World Cup 2018: How to have a peaceful relationship with your man during the tournament

The 2018 World Cup will begin in Russia today, June 14, and after four years of waiting, the excitement is now as high as it’s ever been in recent times.

Many men and guys are already delirious with expectation for what will be one full month of football and for the best part of the it, football will be at the forefront of many male minds.

However, many women still don’t get what the craze about football is, and the hype about the World Cup will only further confuse them.

Because many women don’t care about football, they don’t see why life and routine should change in any way between them and their partners in this one month; and this could cause a bit of conflict of interests in relationships and marriages.

To avoid these conflicts, women, here are 5 tips for you to make the best of the World Cup 2018.

play Alexander Iwobi is one of the Nigerian football stars making Nigerians look forward to the world cup. (Nike / Twitter)


1. Respect game time

Every girlfriend should have gotten the world cup memo already, and should have adjusted to the fact by now.

Especially if your boyfriend is football-crazy, be nice enough to allow him enjoy the World Cup as he wants.

This means no dates clashing with game time, and except it is very important.

2. Relinquish the TV remote

It’s only for one month and it’s only for the purpose of the games he’ll be interested in watching.

Yeah, it is understandable that you want to see your favourite movie channels but for the next one month, you may have to sacrifice them for your man to enjoy the games he wants to see.

The world cup will be over in July and normal TV routine will be restored. Before then, however, be willing to sacrifice some of your ‘TV rights’ for your boyfriend to enjoy the games he wants to see.

PS: You may not want to ask questions during the game. Wait till half time or full time.

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3. Don’t try to restrict him

Even if he decides to see the game outside the house when he could have just sat at home to see it on TV, please indulge him.

Some men prefer viewing games at football centers and that’s should be OK, right?

4. Go watch games with him

You could win extra girlfriend-of-the-season points if you offer to go with him to the viewing center.

5. Support the Nigerian national team

Look around you. The support for the Nigerian National Team, The Super Eagles is overwhelming  right now and very likely your boyfriend is part of those who have caught the fever already.

One thing you can do to be an amazing girlfriend during this world cup season would be to support the Super Eagles, too.

Even if you are not of a football follower normally, it really won’t hurt to get behind the super eagles, and scream when they score.

You’ll be surprised at how easily football or activities around it excites men [including your boyfriend/husband.]

And if you need one more reason to really love, support and follow the Super Eagles, go check out those super-lit jerseys again!

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